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The term “Corporate Identity” is used in Marketing to denote the “Face” of a company to its partners, to its customers, to its prospective customers or to the general public.

It is designed and implemented in such a way that it is in line with the “profile” of the company (visually and in terms of the presentation of information) and contributes to the achievement of the company’s objectives.

When there is a shared understanding of an organization’s organizational philosophy, which is expressed in a specific business category or is a component of a certain “business culture,” the need to develop a corporate identity typically develops.

It was specifically designed to convey this “corporate personality” in order for everyday interactions with partners, clients, and potential clients to convey the “face” of the business, convey prestige and seriousness, and support the “coherence” of all components of the business’ “public face.”

The key Elements of a Corporate Identity are:
  • Logo.
  • The Business Card.
  • Letterhead.
  • File.

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