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If you want to take your business seriously, you cannot disregard the importance of search engine optimization. The Technique of increasing a website’s exposure is called search engine optimization (SEO). The science of SEO involves enhancing internal and external elements that impact your website’s ranking in search results in order to increase traffic to it.

Making the Option to Optimize your site for SEO is a wise one that Might Benefit your Website and save your time.

Better would be sooner. When you are considering a website makeover or preparing to launch a new website, SEO is an excellent idea. This way you can Ensure that your Website is Designed to be search Engine Friendly and also help improve an Existing site.


High-definition satellite photos of every location on Earth are available to us through the Google Earth application.

The Photos provided can be Flat or with Elevation detail.

On them are Marked points of Interest Such as Landmarks, Cities, Geographic Features, Volcanoes, 3D Buildings, Services and More.

These views can also be combined with Maps (From Google maps) in Which there is Information about Roads, Buildings and Services. There are Detailed View of Several large cities in Greece and other Countries.


In Every Website Construction webd provides, “Website Statistics” through a professional platform to record and analyze website visits, thus helping both webd and new website administrators to maximize performance, sales or generally focused marketing.

The statistics collected relate qualitatively and quantitatively to the visitors of the website, its contents (articles, products, services, multimedia files, etc.), the overall traffic and the sources of origin and much more.

So by studying visitor statistics we can have an accurate view of the number of visitors in relation to time (e.g. per day, week, month etc.), country of origin, language used, how often they visit the website, how many new visitors there are and much more.

Then by studying the statistics of the contents of a website we can understand which are the ones that attract visitors’ attention the most, which are the ones that attract visitors and consequently search engines and which are the ones that “end” their visit.


Social Media is a category of online media where users discuss, participate, share and network under a common umbrella known as the internet.

Most social media services encourage and seek discussion, comments, interaction and the sharing of any information between users.

In the concept of media we could give the definition of modern communication since everything we mention above is nothing but modern information distributors. Any type and quality of information can travel through a multitude of internet applications.

The difference with traditional forms of communication is firstly the extent to which information can be transmitted and secondly that the user is the main protagonist. Social media is a modern simplified communication tool.

However, its use and in particular its effectiveness depends largely on the user.


According to new studies today 40% of all internet visitors use their mobile device rather than their desktop computer.

Is your website compatible with iPhone/iPad mobile devices?

We don’t actually create a new website for you but we adapt the existing one so that when you have a visitor from iPhone | iPad the graphics change automatically.

Finally, zoom in & out on your website. Its width is automatically adjusted to make it easy to read at the resolution of the mobile device.

We achieve a reduction in graphics “weight” so that your website opens much faster and at a lower cost to the reader. You can edit your website via your favourite device just like on your computer, without any additional programs. You can be automatically notified of appointments and notifications, and even your emails.

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