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You’ve decided it’s the right time to get an online presence by creating your own eshop, but you don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry at all. 

This detailed guide will answer all the questions you may have regarding the creation of an eshop and its proper promotion on the internet, while you can also read about the trends in the creation of an eshop in 2024. 

It includes all the steps you need to know, from the conception of the idea and the legal documents you will need to create an eshop, until the day you start selling the products in your online store. For greater convenience you can find the section you are interested in from the table of contents .

eShop Ideas: What Your eShop Will Sell

Creating a profitable online store starts with the conception of a great idea. 

A smart and original idea can give your eShop a competitive edge over thousands of others that already exist and sell online. 

If you’ve found this idea that stands out to you, skip this section. 

But if you’re sure you want to get into e-commerce without figuring out what you want to sell, be careful. 

Important criteria to find the right type of eShop

Choosing your online store can depend on various criteria. Here are some suggestions that can help you make the right decision.

  1. If there are products that you already know well knowledge-wise and would like to sell you can start with them.
  2. Find a new consumer need that either no one has found a way to satisfy or something similar only exists overseas.
  3. Get a digital marketer to do keyword research and tell you how many users are searching for a specific product each month. This is a very useful piece of information that is usually an important criterion for someone before choosing to invest online. With this number you know how many people (approximately) search for the specific keyword in Greece every month. The figures are indicative to consider how many people might be interested in buying your own product.
  1. On the other hand, if there is something you are passionate about don’t hesitate to pursue it. There are countless stories of successful entrepreneurs who started by simply trusting their instincts.
  2. Don’t forget the power of B2B eshops. Online wholesale stores are equally in demand. That’s why don’t hesitate for a moment to develop your B2B sales online as well.
  3. Do your research online for previous – similar efforts and learn useful information. Find out what difficulties they faced, what tools they used, what competition you will face, what weaknesses you can turn into your strengths, and any additional information you think might be useful. And if you’re having trouble, hire experts to conduct a web usability study in the specific area.

    If you’re still not sure which idea is right for you, read on. 

    The WEBD team has researched the internet and offers you many smart and original ideas for creating an eShop based on the monthly searches of Greek consumers. 

    If you’re still not sure which idea is right for you, read on. 

    The iServices team has researched the internet and offers you many smart and original ideas for creating an eShop based on the monthly searches of Greek consumers. 

    eShop Strategy: Decide what you want your eShop to do

    Before starting discussions with web development companies about building an Eshop, it is good to have a clear picture of what your online store will sell and how it will sell it.  

    What do you want to achieve by creating it? How many products do you want it to have? What payment methods? Are there any products that are more important and therefore you want them to be seen more? 

    What audience are you targeting? To retail customers, wholesale customers or both?

    Do you have extraversion goals and aspirations? So do you want customers from Greece or from abroad? And if you’re targeting an international environment, is it country-specific or is the target the global market?

    I know all these questions together may confuse you. 

    However, it is important to find a clear answer for each of them before starting the process of building the online store. 

    The clearer your plan is, the easier and faster web developers, graphic designers and project managers will be able to recommend the best solutions. 

    Of course, it is logical that there will be many things and technical details that you will not know and it is the job of a serious web development and digital marketing company to explain them to you and suggest the most suitable solutions. 

    At iServices we offer eConsulting services and design your own web business plan . In other words, we act as a consultant for your business on the internet, we do research on the industry you are interested in and the competition and we help you make the best strategic decisions for the creation and promotion of your eshop. 

    A clear strategy will greatly help the cooperation between the two teams (your team and the web developers), speed up the processes and definitely lead to an optimal result.

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